Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As an Avon Rep, one thing you must try once is throwing an Avon party. It's a great way to show people that you are an Avon Rep, so if they are ever looking for someone, they know to contact you. It's also a great way to get your products out there and show people what the products are actually like so it'll get you more customers. 

The first thing you have to do is to PLAN!

I got some of my close friends together so they can help me out with the planning and hosting. It's always better to discuss your ideas with other people and when your hosting a party, it's hard to be in multiple places at one time. 

So before all my friends and I got together, I made a list of things we would need to discuss so I wouldn't forget to talk about anything. I also Brought some Brochures with me and the Demo Mag so they could help me decide what products to order ahead of time to sell at the party. I also brought some notebooks so I can give them to friends so they could focus on taking notes on certain topics. It really helped out a lot. 

The first thing to think about is Place. Where are you going to have this Avon Party? The most common place to have an Avon party is at your house or your backyard, but I rent an apartment so I can't do that so I had to think of other places. I really wanted to have the party at the local State Park, but they don't allow those type of parties there. So I was thinking about renting a place but then all my earnings would most likely go toward that so I didn't want to do that either. When deciding a Place you have to consider, distance, parking, and those aspects. So My party will be in a family members backyard. 

Second thing to think about is general information like time and date.
I think a Friday or Saturday would be perfect because those are party days and most people don't work those days. 

Food and drinks is something else you have to consider because as the hostess you have to make sure your guests are satisfy. But make sure when you have an party you keep the receipts because you can get that off your taxes. Also, consider Water because Alcohol is a bad idea.

Next topic should be what products you plan to have on hand to actually sell at the party. 
I brought the new Hawaiian Shores perfume to sell at the party. I also had some extra Items that I was going to sell and I ordered some jewelry and the body paints for kids. 

Also you should buy some demo perfumes to make little  goodies bags to give out along with a brochure and a order slip. I put this in the plastic bags that you can order from Avon. 

I also have a lot of perfumes and colognes and bug spray that I own from Avon so I was planning on putting this on another table where customers can test the smells of these products. 

We also discussed some ideas on what we should do at the Avon party like have an raffle.
That is defiantly a must do. You can give out an raffle ticket for every order they put it or for every item they have in the order or for every 10 dollars spent, and so on. You could raffle off an single item or a Basket. 

A great way to get your products out is to demo them so We were going to paint nails, and do makeup. We also had a friend who did face painting for the little kids that were there. 

To get people to come to your party, you should defiantly make flyers. You could give them to people you know, put them in neighbors mailboxes, or give them to close friends and have them give them to their friends and family too. 

Hope those ideas help you out with your next Avon Party.